Advent and Christmas

Advent . . . Christmas . . . Drama! They go together!

Check out the unique voices of Christmas in the monologues and 2-voice sketches available from AlphaStar Drama.

Some characters come straight from Scripture. Some have been created to showcase Biblical characters. All offer fresh insights and a sense of wonder as we celebrate the ultimate drama of God’s choosing to dwell among us as Emmanuel, the Redeemer God who is forever with us.

Conversations With Gabriella

Four angelic sketches for Advent and Christmas
Whimsical and naïve, Gabriella engages Gabriel in dialogue as Gabriel prepares to leave heaven to deliver special messages from the Mighty One to Zechariah, Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds. Gabriella’s inability to understand the Mighty One’s master plan leads to amusing insights that highlight the mystery and cost of the Incarnation.

Gabriella talks with Gabriel in "Conversations With Gabriella"

Gabriella talks with Gabriel in “Conversations With Gabriella”

Missing the Messiah

Two women from Bethlehem argue about whether to care about what the shepherds are saying. Their struggles offer fresh insights into the dilemma of knowing what to believe . . . then and now.

Wise Men in King Herod’s Court

A lively exchange about the arrival of the Magi. Irony and subtle humor reveal Herod’s evil plans and the Court Attendant’s growing wisdom as he appeals to the all-wise God’s ability to “out-wise the blood-thirsty Herod” in his own court.

You Ever Met a Man Like Joseph?

ELIAS, Joseph’s fictional next-door neighbor, offers a folksy, but insightful, look at the dilemma Joseph faces when he learns that Mary is going to have a baby that is not his. You’ll like what Elias has to say about Joseph . . . and Joseph’s God . . . in this memorable piece.


Glory Night

BETHANNA, a shepherd’s wife and young mother, shares a touching account of the night God poured out His glory to shepherds, the outcasts of society. Her honesty and excitement invite all of us to revisit the familiar story so that we, too, marvel anew at God’s remarkable grace in choosing shepherds . . . and each of us . . . to experience His love and grace firsthand.


Other Christmas scripts available from Lillenas Drama:

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