Bring Back the Music

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By Patricia Souder

SYNOPSIS: Adam and Eve reflect on the silence, loneliness, and alienation that replaced the joy and camaraderie they experienced in the Garden of Eden. The scope of what was lost when sin entered the universe is depicted with rhythm and alliteration, culminating in a wistful prayer: “Dear Lord, in a voiceless vacuum . . . Please . . . Bring back the music.”

SETTING: After the Fall.  Adam and Eve have been banished from the Garden of Eden.


PERFORMANCE TIME: 1-2 minutes.

PERFORMANCE NOTE: Characters say lines together when marked with a star.

TOPICS: Effects of sin on creation and relationships. Loneliness. Alienation. Longing for future redemption.

PERFORMANCE POSSIBILITIES: Worship services. Small groups. High school and college groups. Youth activities. Arts celebrations. Evangelistic outreaches.

BIBLE REFERENCES: Genesis 1-3; Romans 8: 18-24.

PROPS: Barren, rocky background.

Script Preview for Bring Back the Music

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