Conversations With Gabriella

Four Angelic Sketches for Advent and Christmas

by Patricia Souder

SYNOPSIS: GABRIELLA, a clueless young angel, repeatedly tries to get GABRIEL to help her learn her choir music. GABRIEL explains he is busy getting ready for a special mission for the Mighty One. While GABRIELLA initially sees this as exciting, she becomes frustrated when GABRIEL is sent on four special missions . . . all to earthlings. GABRIELLA can’t imagine why GABRIEL has to leave heaven to go to earth, especially since he always returns with “dusty, musty earth vapors.”

GABRIELLA’s bungling attempts to second-guess the Mighty One’s agenda yield many humorous moments and memorable insights about the cost and impact of the Incarnation.

SETTING: Heaven before the Incarnation.

  • GABRIEL’S SECRET MISSION #1: 15 months before Jesus’ birth
  • GABRIEL’S SECRET MISSION #2: 9 months before Jesus’ birth
  • GABRIEL’S SECRET MISSION #3: 6 months before Jesus’ birth
  • GABRIEL’S SECRET MISSION #4: Just before Jesus’ birth


  • GABRIEL: a large angel with a deep voice and lots of presence.
  • GABRIELLA: a younger, smaller angel with an enthusiastic, but flighty, personality.

PERFORMANCE TIME: Approximately 5-7 minutes for each “Secret Mission.”


  • Use individual sketches for worship each week during Advent.
  • Use individual sketches to promote discussion in small groups during Advent.
  • Stage all four sketches to create a delightful outreach event, such as a Christmas brunch, tea, dinner, or dessert.
  • Combine the sketches with choral and instrumental numbers to create an unforgettable program of drama and music.


  • Characters say lines together when marked with a star.
  • “Of the Father’s Love Begotten,” features a rich 4th century text coupled with a haunting plainsong from the 13th century. It offers an ethereal, eternal dimension that emphasizes the mystery and majesty of the Incarnation. The score is included on page 29 so you can incorporate it in your program.

BIBLE REFERENCE: Luke 1:5-2:20.

Script Preview of Conversations With Gabriella
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“My daughter Ella and I are currently performing the Conversations With Gabriella skits and wanted to let you know how fun and easy they are to perform. The congregation loves them; it’s getting the Christmas message to them in a short, entertaining and meaningful way. Thanks for such great material!”

–Lisa Berryment