Designed For One Another

Listen to the Sketch

By Patricia Souder

SYNOPSIS: Adam wakes to discover a creature he’s never met staring at him. Entranced by Eve’s beauty, Adam takes note of her virtues and asks who she is. Eve explains she has been created from Adam’s rib. Adam finds this hard to believe, but as they get to know each other, they experience the over-arching joy of God-given unity and companionship.

SETTING: The Garden of Eden at the dawn of creation.

CHARACTERS: ADAM and EVE, dressed to reflect beauty and innocence.


PERFORMANCE NOTE: Characters say lines together when marked with a star.

TOPICS: Marriage. Relationships. Unity. Fulfillment. Creation. God’s goodness.

PERFORMANCE POSSIBILITIES: Marriage and premarital seminars. Men’s, Women’s, or Couples’ Events. Small groups. High school and college groups discussing the roles of men and women.

BIBLE REFERENCE: Genesis 2:18-25.

PROPS: Flowers, bushes, and trees to simulate the Garden of Eden.

PRICE: $3.00