Glory Night-Christmas Monologue for a Woman

Monologue by BETHANNA, a shepherd’s wife

By Patricia Souder

SYNOPSIS: Bethanna, a shepherd’s wife and mother of three, offers a realistic, heart-touching perspective on the Christmas story as she sees God pour His glory on shepherds, the outcasts of society.

Bethanna is a fictional character whose observations, drawn from Scripture and history, offer fresh insights on the remarkable way God chose to reveal Himself on the night she calls “Glory Night.” Her reflections on that night “when God chose shepherds . . . shepherds, mind you! . . . as the ones to experience the Glory Night firsthand” draw each of us into the drama of redemption so that we, too, marvel at God’s amazing love for us . . . and for everyone.

SETTING: Simple shepherd’s cottage at the time of Jesus’ birth.

CHARACTER: BETHANNA, a shepherd’s wife who grew up as a respected merchant’s daughter in Bethlehem.

PERFORMANCE TIME: 9-10 minutes.

PERFORMANCE NOTES: Portray Bethanna as an intelligent young mother who chose to marry Zach, a shepherd, even though it lowered her status in Bethlehem society. Create simple staging with rocks for doing the wash and watching the stars just outside their cottage.

TOPICS: Advent. Christmas. Redemption. God’s glory. Grace. Love.

PERFORMANCE POSSIBILITIES: Worship services. Advent or Christmas programs. Small groups. Women’s groups. Bible study groups.


PROPS: Laundry tub filled with children’s clothes. Large rocks.  Blanket.

Script Preview of Glory Night

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