Mary Magdalene at the Tomb

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By Patricia Souder

SYNOPSIS: Mary Magdalene reflects on the horrors of Golgotha as she experiences the shock of the empty tomb. Her grief and confusion provide a backdrop for experiencing the wonder and power of the resurrection in “an upside-down world” where the cross becomes the means by which “God turns the world . . . and everyone who trusts in his Son . . . right side up again.”

SETTING: Garden Tomb after the Resurrection.


PERFORMANCE TIME: 7-10 minutes.

PERFORMANCE NOTES: Become Mary Magdalene. Feel the piece and use appropriate facial and body gestures to interpret the sketch.

TOPICS: Easter. Resurrection. Redemption.

PERFORMANCE POSSIBILITIES: Worship services. Easter programs. Small groups. Evangelistic outreaches.

BIBLE REFERENCES: Matthew 27, 28; Mark 15, 16; Luke 23, 24; John 19, 20.

PROPS: Container of spices.

Script Preview of Mary Magdalene at the Tomb