What’s Wrong With Vegetables?

By Patricia Souder

Actors performing a sketch

Adam and Cain in “What’s Wrong With Vegetables?” 

SYNOPSIS: Adam calls Cain to come for the evening sacrifice. Cain comes . . . on his own terms.  Adam patiently tries to remind Cain that worship is about pleasing God while Cain petulantly attempts to derail the discussion by accusing God of favoritism and by declaring that he, Cain, should be able to set the terms for how he approaches God.

SETTING: In the early years after Adam and Eve have been banished from the Garden of Eden.


PERFORMANCE TIME: 3-4 minutes.

PERFORMANCE NOTE: Characters say lines together when marked with a star.

TOPICS: Worship. Attitude. Arrogance. Pride. Alienation. Our attitude toward God. Our need for redemption.

PERFORMANCE POSSIBILITIES: Worship services. Small groups. High school and college groups. Youth activities. Evangelistic outreaches.

BIBLE REFERENCES: Genesis 4:1-8; Hebrews 9:22, 28.

PROPS: Wood for the evening sacrifice. A basket of vegetables, including a large head of cabbage, a potato, and a fat tomato.

Price: $3.00