Scripts for Two Voices

Not Really Here

Characters: LAZARUS and THE MAN BORN BLIND create a playful spoof to expose the blindness of unbelief.

Bible References: John 9 and 11          Performance Time: 5 minutes
Available from Lillenas Drama

The Washing Will Wait; The Parade Won’t

Characters: SHANNA, a Jewish girl in Jerusalem, begs MOTHER to join the parade of people going by on Palm Sunday. (Includes a crowd of people shouting “Hosanna!)

Bible References: Multiple references          Performance Time: 4 minutes
Available from Lillenas Drama

Father, Forgive Them

Characters: BARABBAS finds forgiveness as he hears JESUS’ final words on the cross.Audio Sample

Bible Reference: Luke 23:1-43          Performance Time: 2 minutes 
Available from Lillenas Drama

Innocent! That Man Was Innocent!

Characters: PILATE and his wife, CLAUDIA, express anguish over their role in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.Audio Sample
Bible References: Matthew 27:11-26; Mark 15:1-15; Luke 23:1-25; John 19:1-27.
Performance Time: 5 minutes
Script Preview

Why Would He Speak to Me?

Characters: PETER, filled with remorse over denying Jesus, argues with MARY MAGDALENE when she says Jesus wants to see him.Audio Sample
Bible References: Mark 16; Luke 24; John 13:48 and 20           Performance Time: 4 minutes
Available from Lillenas Drama

Emmaus Road Stranger

Characters: CLEOPAS and OTHER TRAVELER reflect on their journey to Emmaus with the resurrected Jesus.
Bible Reference: Luke 24: 1-49.
Performance Time: 5 minutes
Emmaus Road Stranger 4-29-16 Preview

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