Have you heard news reports that equate Christmas spending with making or breaking the year’s economy? The implication is that spending money is the essence of Christmas.

What a tragic trivialization of Christmas!

  • Christmas is Incarnation: God became man.
  • Christmas is Emmanuel: God with us.
  • Christmas is Redemption: God comes to make us His. Forever!

AlphaStarDrama’s sketches and monologues allow you to tell the incredible story of Christmas in engaging ways:

  • Conversations with Gabriella invites you to experience the impact of the incarnation in a fresh way as Gabriella, a clueless young angel, tries to figure out why Gabriel is being sent to earth so many times.
  • Missing the Messiah challenges us to rethink our presuppositions so we don’t miss the most important Person who’s ever come to our world.
  • Wise Men in Herod’s Court employs humor to highlight truth as Herod and his Court Attendant exchange dialogue about the arrival of the Magi.
  • Glory Night gives a fresh perspective on Christ’s coming as seen through the eyes of Bethanna, a shepherd’s wife.
  • You Ever Met a Man Like Joseph? is a touching monologue by Elias, Joseph’s fictional neighbor who not only asks whether we’ve met a man like Joseph but also whether we’ve met Joseph’s God.

October’s Christmas special allows you to download Christmas scripts at bargain prices so you can get ready for Christmas by preparing to share God’s extravagant and much-needed gift of love through insightful Bible-based drama scripts.


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