It All Started in Eden . . .

It’s a new year! Think new. Think creative. Think drama! It works for so much more than traditional drama productions, wonderful as they are.

Are you planning a Marriage Conference? A Couples’ Getaway? A Premarital Seminar? A Sweetheart Banquet? A Valentine’s Day Outreach?

Would you like to make it memorable and meaningful?

“It All Started in Eden,” is a brand new narrated collage of five tightly-scripted drama sketches that  offer a revealing look at how we relate to each other by allowing us to revisit the original creation through the eyes of Adam and Eve.

The first sketch, “Designed for One Another,” gives us a wonder-filled glance at what God intended when He made man and woman.  “Just One Bite,” the second sketch, highlights the alluring appeal of temptation. “Not Me, Lord” and “I Don’t Have Anything to Wear” use humor to underscore our tendency to engage in the blame game and instant cover-ups. The final sketch, “Bring Back the Music,” captures our deep longing for what could have been even as it points to our ultimate redemption.

The entire collage requires only two narrators and three actors. It can be produced as a twenty-minute drama production or a staged reading with minimal rehearsal time and props. Each drama sketch can also be used individually to stimulate discussion. And remember: When it comes to beginnings, you can’t beat Genesis!

Take a few minutes to read through the free preview. See if you can find a creative way to use it at your church or school. Then drop us a note on our Contact Page to tell us how you used it. We’d love to know!

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