Missing What’s Most Important?

Performance of "Missing the Messiah"

Performance of “Missing the Messiah”

It’s a new year. Christmas is over, and many people have packed Christmas in storage boxes for next year.

Not us, however. My husband likes to keep our tree up as long as possible. “January needs something to brighten it up,” he says, and who can argue with that? Or wants to?

We live in a hustle, bustle world where we rush from one season to another, from one activity to another, from one crisis to another.

But what if we’re missing what’s most important in life?

I recently reread the script for “Missing the Messiah” because a friend mentioned they had done it at her church on Christmas Eve. It made me ask myself a few questions:

  • Am I missing life’s important moments?
  • A breath-stopping sunrise?
  • A child’s need for affirmation?
  • An underlying plea for help masked by “Fine” because that friend thinks I’m too busy to listen?
  • Or worse yet: The Messiah Himself because I’m rushing to get my to-do lists done?

Oh yes, we’ll soon have to take down our tree and stash our decorations on shelves, but before we do, I want to make sure I don’t miss the Messiah by spending some quality time worshiping and adoring the One who came to redeem us.

Lord, You are the Joy-giver who makes life worthwhile. In this new year, help me treasure my time with You. Let me sense Your gentle nudges and notice Your tender fingerprints so I come to know and love You with all the ardor You’ve put within me.

Gratefully yours forever—



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