Peter the Perplexed

Garden of Gethsemane IMG_1118Have you ever wondered how Peter could have slept through the cosmic struggle his Master faced in Gethsemane or how he could have denied knowing Jesus at the hour of Jesus’ greatest need?

I used to ask those questions, but then life started throwing perplexing situations my way. Oops! Sometimes it’s tough to figure out what’s happening while it’s happening, especially when roused from a deep sleep.

That’s how it was the night Judas led soldiers into the quiet grove of gnarled olive trees where Jesus often prayed. Peter woke up facing an angry mob brandishing clubs and swords as they descended on Jesus and the disciples.

Peter grabbed a sword and sliced off Malchus’s ear! But whom did Jesus rebuke? Not the soldiers or the Jewish officials, but Peter! Was that why Peter hung back as Jesus was seized and taken to the high priest’s house? Was that why he was careful to keep his distance and sit with the guards in the courtyard? Was that why he insisted he didn’t even know the Nazarene when servant girls and bystanders said, “You were with Jesus”?

It’s a sobering story.

So why is it in the Bible? Are we to act like Peter? Of course not. But will we face similar situations? Perhaps. First Corinthians 10:11 tells us the stories in Scripture are examples to help us avoid being tripped up by the struggles and surprises of life.

How about you and the people you know? Do you face perplexing situations? If so, you’ll find that first-person drama sketches from the Bible are remarkably relevant as they bring the stories to life in ways that not only clarify the events but also capture hearts.

To assist you in doing this, AlphaStar Drama is featuring four FREE scripts that shed light on Jesus’ death and resurrection from our Lent and Easter section:

  • PETER THE PERPLEXED: Experience the troubling events that led to Jesus’ crucifixion through the eyes of one of His closest disciples.
  • PUZZLED AT PASSOVER: Encounter Martha’s confusion as she puzzles over the irony of rejecting the One who miraculously brought Lazarus, her brother, back to life.
  • MARY MAGDALENE AT THE TOMB: Live through the grief and the joy of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection through Mary’s eyes.
  • INNOCENT! THAT MAN WAS INNOCENT! Gain a fresh appreciation for Jesus’ crucifixion by viewing it through the eyes of Pilate and his wife, Claudia.

It’s my prayer that you’ll use one or more of these scripts to make Easter 2015 one of eternal significance for those in your community or congregation.


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