Bible Drama Scripts A to Z

*Drama scripts marked with asterisks are available only from Lillenas Drama because of prior publication agreements.

Title Characters Time
*A Very High Price Ananias and Sapphira 2 minutes
Bring Back the Music Adam and Eve 2 minutes
Conversations With Gabriella Gabriella and Gabriel 4 sketches, 5-7 min each
Designed for One Another Adam and Eve 3 minutes
Emmaus Road Stranger Cleopas and Another Traveler 5 minutes
*Father, Forgive Them Jesus’ Voice and Barabbas 2 minutes
Glory Night Bethanna, a shepherd’s wife 10 minutes
I Can’t See! Zacchaeus and Woman in Crowd 3 minutes
I Don’t Have Anything to Wear Adam and Eve 3 minutes
It All Started in Eden Adam, Eve, Lucifer, Narrators 20 minutes
*I Was Just Doing My Job Innkeeper’s Wife and Shepherd 3 minutes
*I’m So Young – I’m So Old Mary and Elizabeth 3 minutes
Innocent! That Man Was Innocent! Pilate and his wife, Claudia 5 minutes
*Just One Bite Lucifer and Eve 2 minutes
*Mary at the Cross Mary, the Mother of Jesus 7 minutes
Mary Magdalene at the Tomb Mary Magdalene 9 minutes
*Maybe It’s Time Prodigal Son and Older Brother 4 minutes
Missing the Messiah Stella and Mira 7 minutes
No Time! 2 of the 10 virgins 4 minutes
*Not Me, Lord Adam and Eve 2 minutes
*Not Really Here Lazarus and the Man Born Blind 5 minutes
Peter the Perplexed Peter the disciple 15 minutes
*Power Has Its Problems John the Baptist and Herod 5 minutes
Puzzled at Passover Martha, sister of Lazarus 5 minutes
Such a Wonder! Rahab and Ruth 7 minutes
*Swinging Through the Courts of Power Haman and Zeresh 3 minutes
*The Washing Will Wait; The Parade Won’t Shanna, her mother, optional crowd 4 minutes
Weak Like Other Men Samson and Delilah 7 minutes
*We Can’t Keep Him Any Longer Jochebed and Amram 2 minutes
We’re Gonna Miss That Boat 2 of Noah’s Neighbors 6 minutes
*We’re Sisters… But We’re So Different Mary and Martha 2 minutes
What’s Wrong With Vegetables? Adam and Cain 4 minutes
*Why Would He Speak to Me? Mary Magdalene and Peter 4 minutes
Wise Men in King Herod’s Court Court Attendant and King Herod 8 minutes
You Ever Met A Man Like Joseph? Elias, neighbor of Joseph 8 minutes

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