It’s been a busy month of writing and recording new drama sketches for the period leading up to Easter. But what a privilege to spend time researching and imagining what it was like for those who lived through it!

What I’ve discovered as I’ve focused on writing drama sketches about those who peopled the stories is that it’s easy to read the story and self-righteously ask:

  • How could Jesus’ disciples and friends have missed Jesus’ warnings that he was headed the cross?
  • How could the crowds shout “Hosanna!” on Sunday and “Crucify Him!” on Friday?
  • How could the religious leaders connive to crucify the Messiah whom they should have welcomed?
  • How could Pilate condemn a man he called innocent?

Oh, it’s easy to see their faults. But incredibly, when I go back to the first century and put myself in their place, I begin to understand why they did what they did. After all, they didn’t know that Easter was coming!

If I’m honest, I have to admit that, like Martha, I’m often puzzled about why God does what He does. Like Pilate, I sometimes cave under pressure and justify myself for doing it. Or, like Mary Magdalene, I find myself failing to recognize the risen Lord even when he’s right beside me.

I hope you’ll not only listen to the free audio link for “Father, Forgive Them,” but that you’ll also read through the other scripts as if you were the person living through the various events. I think you’ll be richer for it. I know I am!

And, of course, if you have the opportunity, turn them into live drama for your church or small group. It could make an eternal difference!

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