Two-Voice Drama Scripts

Two-voice Bible drama scripts are effective when acted out or read dramatically because they are

  • tightly-scripted
  • people-friendly
  • memory-making poetic sketches.

Tips for scripts:

  • Become the character.
  • Capture the tone. Each script is different.
  • Savor each syllable.
  • Play to the rhythm, rhyme, and repetition without being sing-songy.
  • Rehearse with your partner. Timing, pauses, and body language matter.
  • Read lines together when marked with a star.
  • Exploit the conflict when characters say different words at the same time.
  • Be conversational, but stick to the script. Your audience will love the word plays.
*Scripts marked with asterisks are available only through Lillenas Drama because of prior publication agreements.


                                  Available Drama Scripts in Two Voices

Special 5-Sketch Collage about Marriage: It All Started in Eden

Special 4-Sketch Christmas Collection: Conversations With Gabriella


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