Old Testament

Designed For One Another

Characters: ADAM and EVE delight in each other as they get acquainted after Eve’s creation. A delightful reminder of the joy and unity for which we were made.Audio Sample

Bible References: Genesis 2, 3                      Performance Time: 3 minutes
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Just One Bite

Characters: LUCIFER seduces EVE to question and disobey God by using subtle sarcasm.Audio Sample

Bible Reference: Genesis 3
Performance Time: 2 minutes
Available from Lillenas Drama

Not Me, Lord

Characters: ADAM and EVE blame each other . . . and then God . . . for their disobedience.

Audio SampleBible Reference: Genesis 3
Performance Time: 2 minutes
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 I Don’t Have Anything to Wear

Characters: ADAM withdraws while EVE frantically tries to fix the problems that develop after disobeying God. A humorous look at a serious problem.Audio Sample

Bible Reference: Genesis 3:6,7             Performance Time: 3 minutes
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Bring Back the Music

Characters: ADAM and EVE reflect on the silence and loneliness of Eden after the Fall. A poetic reminder of our longing for redemption and relationship.Audio Sample

Bible Reference: Genesis 1-3; Romans 8:18-24          Performance Time: 2 minutes
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What’s Wrong With Vegetables?

Characters: CAIN insists on his own way as he argues with ADAM about the evening sacrifice. A light touch that addresses our attitude toward God.

Bible References: Genesis 4:1-8; Hebrews 9:22, 28          Performance Time: 4 minutes
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We’re Gonna Miss That Boat!

Characters: Noah’s hillbilly neighbors, ZEB and SOPHIE MAE, make fun of Noah . . . until the rain starts.Audio Sample

Bible References: Genesis 6-7; Matthew 24-36-39          Performance Time: 6 minutes
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We Can’t Keep Him Any Longer

Characters: Moses’ parents, JOCHEBED and AMRAM, agonize over how to save their baby. A poignant reminder of the sanctity of human life.

Bible References: Exodus 1-2; Hebrews 11:23-29          Performance Time: 2 minutes
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Weak Like Other Men

Characters: Bribed by the Philistines, DELILAH entices and scorns SAMSON until he reveals the secret of his strength.

Bible Reference: Judges 16: 4-31          Performance Time: 7 minutes
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Such a Wonder!

Characters: RAHAB and RUTH, both Gentiles, share their joy over God’s grace in the birth of Obed, Ruth’s son and Rahab’s grandson who will become the future grandfather of King David.

Bible References: Joshua 2-6; Ruth          Performance Time: 7 minutes
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Swinging Through the Courts of Power

Characters: A behind-the-scenes glimpse of HAMAN and his wife ZERESH plotting to hang Mordecai that is laced with humor and irony.

Bible Reference: Esther 3-7
Available from Lillenas Drama

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