Gabriel’s Strange Missions to Earthlings

Conversations with Gabriella is one of my favorite scripts! Why? Gabriella. She’s a delightful,
but somewhat daft young angel, who is distressed by Gabriel’s strange missions to Earthlings.
Why should the great Gabriel leave Heaven to deliver messages to Zechariah, Mary, Joseph, and
a few shepherds?Christmas Angel

You may know the story, but Gabriella sure didn’t. And neither do many of your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Why not plan a Christmas tea, holiday luncheon, or dinner drama that shares God’s incredible plan of redemption in a fun setting?

Conversations with Gabriella features four five-minute sections separated by music. It can be performed as readers theater or staged with scenery, costumes, props, and flair. The musical selections between sections give a sense of time passing and enhance the performance.

Conversations with Gabriella is FREE from now until October 16. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to plan a special Christmas outreach in your community? You’ll find great joy in sharing the true meaning of Christmas.

Trying to Impress God

Actors performing a sketch

Adam and Cain in “What’s Wrong With Vegetables?”

“What’s Wrong With Vegetables?” includes a hilarious exchange between Cain and Adam about trying to impress God with prize vegetables, but it also opens open doors to discuss what really matters to God.

I hope you’ll find a way to use it or one of the other free scripts featured in this Free Fall Audio Impact Special.

The picture of Broadway actor George Merritt portraying Adam and Isi from Nigeria portraying Cain at the CITA (Christians in Theatre Arts) Conference in Toronto brings back delightful memories of their rich, resonant voices and interaction. Wish you’d been there!

Christmas in July

Christmas Present Wrapped in Gold and SilverWhen’s the best time to search for something special for Christmas for your church or small group? July, of course! Take a few minutes to preview Christmas scripts at that capture the wonder of what Christmas is all about. Then, choose your favorite scripts and take advantage of the “Christmas in July” special to receive a free script you can present to your group or congregation. Use the code JULY16 at checkout to receive this special offer.

Bring the Miracle to Life

GabriellaBring the miracle of Christmas to life this year! Conversations with Gabriella takes you above the scenes where you’ll experience Christmas from a fledgling angel’s viewpoint as she quizzes Gabriel about his secret missions to earth.

Designed to delight as it highlights God’s incredible plan for redemption, this four-part drama offers fresh insights on God’s mysterious interactions with Zachariah, Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds. It can be staged in five-minute segments each week in Advent or used as a stand-alone program for a memorable outreach event.

Although it can be staged as a delightful 30-45 minute program when combined with musical interludes, it can also be performed effectively as readers theater with simple staging and passionate reading. Take a look at the script and let your artistic creativity imagine how you could bring Conversations with Gabriella to life this Christmas season. It has the potential to penetrate hearts and change lives in a generation where many are obsessed with the supernatural but clueless about what it means to know the living God.

And if you don’t think Conversations with Gabriella is right for your situation, please check out the other monologues and two-piece dramas available for Christmas. They’re a bargain at 50% off!

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